RPX vs IMAX | Detailed Comparison and Honest Review 2022

rpx vs imax

Both are the best formate of movies in the world. We have checked that IMAX and RPX are getting more responses in the world. I would like to ask you if you want RPX vs IMAX: A Detailed Comparison to enjoy movies, then you can get information about it. I will try my best to explain all the major features.

Everyone knows that you need to pick the right spot for the best result of movies. All the people would like to check the quality of theater before watching movies.

Both formats of movies are to discuss briefly for users. Here is a piece of detailed information about the analysis and difference of moves. Do not leave any line before reading the entire information.


Do you that the IMAX stands for the Image Maximum. It is a real theater technology for users. We have seen that is a good screen of 3D format.

It is an immersive movies experience to use this technology. There are large cameras, projectors, sound systems, and much more.

On the other hand, RPX is the shortest form of Regal Premier Experience. You can say theater technology is in a new era. I would like to ask you if RPX is a huge screen. It was launched by the Regal Cinema.

Most of the features have been taken from the giant screen. It has consisted of excellent features and improved functions.


At the start, I want to ask you to read it deeply, if you want to get comprehensive information. You will really be surprised after knowing about the IMAX vs RPX.


According to experience, IMAX cinemas have consisted of comfortable seats and excessive paddings. The quality of seats is more relaxing than the stranded theater.

On the other hand, the RPX Cinema is more leathery and calm. If we see its seats, these are more luxurious than others.

Both the sides are wider and reclines. Moreover, the environment of the theater is very comfortable. It has consisted of 150 to 300 words. All the seats are general.

  • Technology and Infrastructure

It has composed of a unique screen and decent infrastructure. All the screens are curved. The shape of the dome is also huge. If we look into the structure, then there are 3D effects and popping images. Both the theater used dual 4k and 2k laster projectors. Do not forget to check the high-resolution and 12 channels sound system.

The image will project on the silver-coated screen in both ways. These ways may verticle or horzental. We can say it is an immersive effect.

If we check the seats of cinemas, then the seats are steep in an IMAX theater. They ensured the real arrangement.

All the seats are placed near the people. It means that the height is closer and adjustable to the screen. All these processes do for the enjoyment of the audience.

According to the latest research, RPX is cutting-edge technology. The makers used digital projectors and sound systems. There is not any change in the result f picture quality.

  • Size of Screen

Everyone wants to know about the size of the screen. The normal length starts from 10 to 100 feet. Whereas, the width increased to 53 inches. These screens are very bigger than normal screens.

The latest research showed that the IMAX largest screen picks the length of 177 feet. It happened in Sydney. The whole theater is covered by a huge screen.

RPX screen is really bigger than the dual MAX. if we check the general resolution, then it measures 40 by 60. You may compare it to the IMAX at any time. Whereas, the aspect ratio raised to 1.90:1. It clears the height of dual 2K IMAX.

  • Experience

The experience will really analyze the difference between the two products. IMAX is a more immersive movie experience. So, the entire people will think that it is a part of the movie also. The images on the screen showed the real approach.

The presence of sound also seems to happen like a reality. Clarity and brightness play a vital role. However, the advance lasts technology cleared the vivid and accurate images. They used a 70mm film formate for users. RPX is the real project of regal cinema. It provided some improved movies to the users. Moreover, the quality also raised for premium users. The best person is that who likes to compare the functions and features.

  • Sound System

If you failed to know about the sound system, then the most thing will skip from your eyes. So, the RPX cinemas has consisted of 7.1 channels audio system. They installed the low-level frequency.

Most of the moviegoers check these transduces because of unpleased harmonics. You cannot compare the sounds to Dolby Atoms and high resolutions. The entire sound is packed and the speaker is also installed according to the need of users. Some of the Cinemas also used the Dolby Atoms.

RPX vs IMAX Which is good?

Now, the question is which is a better option for users. I would like to ask you if the oriented movies cannot watch on IMAX. They focused on the scene and not on the panorama.

On the other hand, RPX is the best option for kids. It has consisted of the good result of movies of 2D and 3D formats. Moreover, people also like to see the brand name instead of any other. So, be ready to increase the movie experience with the help of it.

According to statistics, the Regal theater has upgraded most of the Cinemas into the RPX rather than any other. However, the IMAX films are also displayed well in the RPX theaters. You also need to compare some things in RPX vs IMAX for a better outcome. Sometimes, you have to check the locations for the result. The RPX theaters picked more worth in recent times. They got these outcomes due to high-quality screens and results also.

The position of sitting also played a vital role in the result. Do not forget to check the effect of the standard movie. It is very simple that the seats on the front side are good rather than the back. However, the pictures in RPX are a little bright than in the IMAX. These are very softer for your eyes.

The final difference is to see the given budget. The RPX is more costly than the IMAX. It demands an additional $5. So, in the end, we are in favor of IMAX due to cost and features also.

Final Words

Everyone has their own mind to enjoy life. So, the preference if IMAX and RPX depend upon the preference of users. There is a 3D feature from the last some years. Now, time changed into new things. So, people like different formate in movies also. IMAX experience remained a good many times.

If we check the screen, the IMAX screen is more comfortable for all audiences. Most of the users want to see movies in normal format. The number of these people is more than the others. They are giving more priority to cinema halls.

Excels in the RPX gave more respect due to their highly comfortable environment. After reading the whole detail, you are really able to find the best spot. We did not leave a piece of special information for users. Do not forget to compare the data to any other official spots.

IMAX vs RPX can be differentiated in many respects. For example, the comfort of the cinema hall, infrastructure, technology, screen size, and other features distinguish between both theater technologies.

Written by Jacob Glenn

Jacob has probably spent thousands of hours learning about displays in his free time and prior work experience. He now writes and manages PerfectMonitors to ensure it stays as the people's favorite resource.

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