How To Remove Laptop Stickers Without Damaging Them?

how to remove laptop stickers

Are you looking for the answer that how to remove laptop stickers without damaging them?  The laptop has become the basic need of society. Every person that owns the laptop loves this gadget and wants to good care of it. Many people decorate their laptops with different beautiful stickers.  There are many kinds of stickers that people paste on laptops, but if somebody wants to remove them without damaging the laptop, how can they? I will explain the essential methods of removing the laptop stickers without any damage to the laptop. Laptop stickers can be easily removed by using a very sharp plastic knife with a bank card or even with your own fingernails.

Remember that once you remove the sticker, use a very soft microfiber cloth by dipping it in warm water and rubbing it on the sticker’s leftovers. As I know that many people use vinegar in place of water, but it should be weak. You can also use an original scrub or a soap to take away the sticker from your laptop. But remember that if the sticker is on your laptop screen, don’t use a very sharp knife or one hard tool.

You can use a hairdryer for 30-40 seconds to remove it carefully with warm air without any difficulty. As we know many times, the stickers are very stubborn, and they leave their mark on a laptop. Mostly their glue residues remain stick on the laptop, and it doesn’t look very cool. Many people use a very sharp knife to remove them. But they end up messing like scratches on the laptop or its screen and can damage it.

So, there are different kinds of methods to remove a sticker safely from any laptop. And I will tell you how to use some useful and easy methods. Let’s dig for the answer of how to remove laptop stickers without damaging them


Using your Nail or a Sharp Blade:

If you understand that the sticker is not very old, you can simply use your nails to take them off. But first, you have to figure out which one side of the sticker would come out very quickly so that you can start removing it from that side. Scratch your nail on the loosened border smoothly. It would be best to make sure that the stickers would not scratch apart in the middle of the procedure. If such a kind of thing happens, it would be complicated for you to remove the worn-out apart as it would lose its natural shape.

Furthermore, if you are trying to scratch the sharp blade or your nail hardly on the surface, it would significantly damage the laptop outside. This will create offensive scratches on the laptop surface, which would undoubtedly affect the laptop’s price. Consequently, to get a clear, sticker, and scratch-free notebook, you must need to be patient enough to do your work quickly and slowly.


Using the Blower to Remove the Sticker:

How To Remove Laptop Stickers

If you pasted the stickers on your laptop before a year or more than one or two years, and you want to know how to remove laptop stickers without damaging them. For this purpose, you require to take some other steps to remove them totally. A straightforward and quick-to-do procedure of removing the stickers is to get them off by using blowers.

The adhesives used to stick the stickers to the surfaces get it dry as time passes, and with this drying procedure, it gets more challenging and hard to remove. So to make the supporter bond weak, you need to melt the glue.

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For this purpose, you can apply a blower as it spreads hot air on the sticker surface, which will prove to be very beneficial in melting the adhesives. So when the glue melts, the tackiness gets weak, so it can easily peel off the sticker from the outside



How to remove laptop stickers without damaging them? There are oil-based products that will be helpful to remove laptop stickers without damaging them. Oil and its based product are best for removing stickers from any laptop, and oil can remove it without damaging the device OR the stickers in the procedure, so you can quickly start with oil and oil-based products.

Oil is an easy way, and it is readily available at everybody’s home. From coconut oil lotion and vegetable oil to olive oil and petroleum jelly, if there is oil in the mix, you can easily use it. Grab your chosen weapon knife etc., and apply some liquid to a sponge or an old rag, letting the fabric absorb some of it. And After that, gently and with delicate strokes, moisturize the complete sticker area making sure to put your focus on the liquid only there and not allowing it to come in to get in touch with other parts of the laptop, like as crevices or gaps.

After letting the stickers soak for 15 or 20 minutes, then try to peel them off, at first with your own fingernails, by grabbing them from under the edges and pulling them gently. If you met with this resistance or perceive that you will be left with unwanted residue, leave the stickers and apply the oil-based product again before trying again in another 20 minutes. Not only an excellent or sharp knife, but you can also use a soft fork or plastic spoon to scrape off the sticker and its leftover residue.

However, try to bear in mind that oil works best with paper stocks and not waterproof stickers, which will require a different approach. So After when you successfully get rid of the stickers, besides any residue, now wipe the remedied area with a completely clean portion of the cloth, so as you want to get rid of any oily footprints on your laptop.



Solvents can easily remove stickers, and also solvents can answer with ease, from vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and mineral spirits to the famous WD-40 and other products specifically. And solvents are here to destroy residue and glue bonds, leaving your laptop shining and clean.

If you really feel that you are unable to purchase one of the named products, it is easy to try your hand at vinegar or to rub alcohol first. Or you can use soap which is readily available at home. To start with, again and again, obtain a piece of cloth or fabric and dip one side of it with the liquid before wiping the sticker’s area.

Make sure to avoid getting them in the black to your laptop’s river holes and built-in speakers to put off any long-lasting damage that could be inflicted on your computer. After leaving the sticker (or the remains) for a good 20 minutes, try detaching off the sticker with a dull razor or knife, carefully avoiding damaging or scratching your laptop’s surface. Lastly, wipe any leftover solvent with a soft clean cloth. In this way, your stickers will be eradicated.



Did you know about toothpaste that how much it is helpful to remove stickers? It’s not only used to keep your teeth clean but also it can clean the laptop and keep it new? That’s because toothpaste, along with baking soda and even sandpaper or rough materials’ albeit mild’, that through the power of resistance, can remove even the most stubborn sticker residue and not only remove but if keep your laptop as shine.

Now try mixing hot water with some baking soda before letting a sponge soak up some of the mixes and applying it on the object area, and finally cleaning it all with a clean piece of cloth. Although highly potent, rough materials can be relatively unstable when used with extreme force, so try to be extra careful while using them in case you end up damaging your laptop.

It is also valuable to note that, unlike the oil-based products, which can remove the sticker whole (with the sticker then able to be used again after that ), rough materials miniaturize the glue bonds linking the sticker with the laptop to a minimal state. This process leaves them crumbled and changes shape for re-sticking.

So, before removing all of them, take one of these things with you. Follow all the detailed steps and all the tips for the achievement of the required results. With these methods, you can easily remove laptop stickers.


Don’t use pure alcohol or pure vinegar; this will lose color in that area. Always use the thin and never pour the dish soap, pour the vinegar, and apply them with a cloth. You can use your hands and any soft brush for this. But don’t use a sharp brush because a tapered brush can change your laptop’s color. And never use the aerosol spray on the computer.

Don’t leave resistance alcohol or del. Vinegar even, for a very long time. This can cause marks. So keep checking again and again after a few minutes. Unplug your laptop from every wire, device, and harbor connection while doing all this. Before applying any of the above methods, you must remember to power off your laptop and remove the battery if possible. Hopefully, you have found the answer of how to remove laptop stickers without damaging them

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