How to Clean Laptop Keyboard | Complete Guide

how to clean laptop keyboard

Do you have a need to clean laptop keyboard? Your laptop keyboard not working fine, Then you need to use this method for cleaning the laptop keyboard.

Using a laptop daily can make it messy and the keys dirty. Dirt and debris on the laptop keyboard affect the efficiency of the keys and may reduce the overall life of your keyboard. Looking at your laptop full of dust, crumbs, pet hair and other particles would surely make you think once about how to clean your laptop keyboard? This article is your go-to helper for cleaning your keyboard with the best appropriate steps and tricks! Cleaning and disinfecting laptop keyboards is no more a hassle now. You can achieve a spotless, dirt-free glinting laptop with the hacks described below.

Steps to clean laptop keyboard:

If you are thinking of cleaning your laptop keyboard just like a pro in a very sleek way, you should follow the steps below. The following are the two methods described. You can opt for the one that suits you the best.

Method 1: General Cleaning

1. Unplug the charger and turn off your laptop:

Since a laptop is an electronic device so cleaning it requires a little more care than cleaning the usual equipment. The first and the foremost significant step towards cleaning your laptop like a pro is to switch off your laptop and unplug it from the charger. This step ensures the safety of your laptop as well as yours. Since you never know a little moisture can damage your laptop, so it is always better to take the safety precautions beforehand.

2. Put your laptop upside-down and shake a little:

Every step in cleaning the laptop keyboard has its significance. Once you are done with shutting down your laptop, the next thing you need to do is put your laptop upside-down while it is open and shake a little. Doing so will make the larger crumbs and pieces of dust to fall off. Getting rid of the larger particles at this step will aid you to unlock a more detailed cleaning later on.

3. Use a small bristle brush:

Once you are done with removing the larger particles, now you need to clean the smaller dust particles accumulated around the keys. For this purpose, you must have a small and soft bristle brush. Try cleaning around the keys to getting rid of any small debris and dust. This step shall improve the working of the buttons of your laptop.

Hint: You can always use a toothpick to cleanse the debris as well!

4. Use compressed air to remove the dirt:

Sometimes while we are tied up in a lot of workloads, we forget to clean our hands before using the laptop. These greasy hands propel the oils and dirt inside the keys. This affects the working of our laptop keys.  So when we require a deeper and forceful cleaning of the laptop keyboard, we can rely on a compressed air spray to do the task. A compressed air spray is readily available at the market. The right trick to use this spray is to attach the nozzle with a longitudinal straw and spray in small proportions between the keys from one side to another. The force of this compressed air helps dislodge debris and grease delivering you results like never before!

Hint: You can use cleaning slime or clear tape to catch the dust!

5. Wipe your laptop’s keyboard with a damp cloth:

When we are done with the internal cleaning, the dust particles may have fallen on the outside of the laptop keys. To give back your keyboard its shine, take a lightly damp cloth preferably the one made of microfiber, and wipe it off your laptop keyboard. Also, make sure you only clean the outside of the keys so that moisture from the damp cloth doesn’t go inside the keys.

6. Use Isopropyl to get rid of any greasy smudges or spots:

If you are not comfortable with using water damped cloth over your keyboard or you are still left with some stubborn greasy smudges and patches over the keys, you can use isopropyl to get rid of them all. Take a cotton swab or a cotton ball and damp it with the isopropyl. Apply this swab or ball onto the greasy patches. Isopropyl has the characteristic to evaporate faster than water and hence, is always considered to be a better substitute for water for cleaning laptop keyboards.

7. It is always a plus point to disinfect your gadgets:

Once you are done with the cleaning, it is always a good option to disinfect the gadget. For example, if you had been sick lately or someone else has been using your laptop, the first thing to do is to disinfect it from germs. You can do this by taking a disinfecting wipe. Apply this wipe over the keys and you are good to go!

Hint: Apply a silicone cover over your keyboard for future protection!

Method 2: Keys Removal

1. Use this step only when necessary:

One should only remove a laptop’s keys when there is no other option left for him for better cleaning. For example, if you have spilled some liquid over your keyboard of you feel that your keyboard’s keys aren’t functioning properly due to the accumulated debris beneath them, only then you may proceed with this step. Also if your keyboard’s keys aren’t press-on, avoid applying too much force because this might break the keys.

2. Remove the keys from your laptop:

If you are coveting for further deeper cleaning, then what you can do is remove the keys from your laptop’s keyboard. Some laptops have press-on keys and are generally removed easily. While others are hard to remove. You should always primarily check your laptop’s model from the manual and the correct technique to remove these keys. Doing this shall prevent any damage or loss to your keyboard.

Hint: Put the keys in a bowl so you don’t misplace them!

3. Remember the position of your keys before removing them:

Every laptop has its designated positions for keys. Memorizing where each key lies will ensure their proper placement after removal. If you can’t remember the sequence of keys, you may take a picture of the keyboard before removing the keys. This can save you from misperception!

4. Gently remove the keys:

The next step is to remove the keys. Generally if one has press-on keys it is easier to remove them. But if your laptop has permanent keys, continually make sure to gently remove them. For this purpose, you can take a small flat tool and slowly press the keys in an upward direction so that they can pop off.

Hint: You can buy the proper key removal toolkit from any gadget store!

5. Clean the underneath of keys:

For cleaning the underneath of keys you can use a damp cloth or a cotton swab. You can damp these cleaning materials in an isopropyl alcohol solution for a better cleansing experience.

6. Put the keys back in place:

Once you are over with the cleaning, it’s time to put the keys back in place. Put the keys back to their designated slots and slightly press them. This step will attach the keys back to their nodes! Now it is time to flaunt your glistering, spots free keyboard!


In a nutshell, it is no more an aggravation to clean a laptop keyboard yourself. With these stress-free steps described above, one can easily clean and his laptop and increase the productivity of the keyboard! So what are you still waiting for? Check if your laptop needs a bit of professional cleanliness, follow the steps, and flaunt your polished keyboard like a boss!

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