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Haptic Touch vs 3D Touch | What’s the Difference? Best Review

haptic touch vs 3d touch
haptic touch vs 3d touch

Recently there has been a lot of fuss about 3D vs Haptic Touch under topics like ‘ Haptic Touch vs 3D Touch’ on Reddit and other social media platforms like YouTube. People all around are discussing the differences between the 3d touch and haptic and seems like this isn’t going to end soon because since the release of the iPhone XR and Iphone11 people are assuming that The mega-company Apple might completely shift to Haptic touch, which users are not finding comforting.

Haptic Touch can be found increasingly improvised in the latest Apple devices. But the bigger question insight is…why? Why do most people don’t want to settle for the Haptic touch? Well, I’ve got just the answer for you.

Difference between Haptic and 3D Touch

Research and users provide that 3d touch is far faster and convenient than the haptic touch as it requires a lot quicker and shorter clicks. It supports numerous planes of compulsion, if you place your finger for a shorter time it does one thing but if you press a little longer it does another thing. Whereas in Haptic touch meaning the amount of pressure you apply on the screen matters. As you apply more pressure your fingertip lays flat on the screen which causes more pressure and does bring out some action. It’s a slower process but still can be experienced in the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR and all of the iPad.

The more pressurized press show more options to the apps. For example in 3d touch, you touch the application icon slightly longer and it shows options for rearranging, uninstalling, attaching a link, but in Haptic touch a harder more pressurized click will bring about more option like options to attach links and Quick Actions but a pressurized click with haptic touch will make the apps jiggle and then you can rearrange or uninstall them. But still, you can use the old method to uninstall on the 3d touch but it will take a lot longer time. Another difference between the two is the ways to move the cursor to your keyboard.

Using 3d touch you can click anywhere on the keyboard to move the cursor through your text but in Haptic Touch, it’s confined only to the space bar. Only pressing hard on the space bar lets you move the cursor freely through the text.

Is Apple Completely Shifting to Haptic Touch?

Haptic Touch
Haptic Touch

3D touch Vs Haptic Touch article provides all the details about how Apple might be shifting completely to haptic touch because it is way easier to accomplish on all apple devices. All the iPad use Haptic touch technology, and the reason why Apple wanted to completely shift to Haptic touch is that they were unable the accomplish The 3D Touch on larger screens like the IPad, but they wanted the users to experience the same feels and sensations while using their devices so they just went on producing the latest devices with Haptic touch.

Haptic touch in iPhone 11

For instance, The Haptic touch iPhone 11 and The Haptic Touch on iPhone XR. Even the iPhone a just with a larger screen they were able to provide 3d touch in the middle of the screen but at the edges, it was still haptic touch. So we can not really say that Apple was always an utterly 3d touch device producing company. Haptic touch iPhone XR was launch in 2018, it replaces the love 3D touch. Haptic touch required a harder click because as discussed earlier haptic touch works with the amount of pressure applied. But users love 3d touch because it allowed them to peak into the apps by opening them. see further options, move the app with quicker slightly longer clicks but Haptic touch didn’t offer the same convenience. You had to apply more pressure and the commonly known ‘ pop and peek’ option was no more.

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Even after people not liking it much Apple still expanded it to its further devices. Because it wasn’t able to bring the love of 3D Touch on a wider screen of iPad. And so after the introduction of the Haptic Touch iPhone XR, Apple launched the Haptic touch iPhone 11 in 2019. There were rumors since the release of the iPhone XR that Apple will eliminate 3d touch which it launched at the debut of the iPhone 6 in 2015.

A lot of people said that they didn’t really experience any difference using the haptic touch. They said that there was just a slight vibration after long pressing on icons in haptic touch. With the new haptic touch, iPhone 11 people were not really surprised as they already knew that Apple would soon eliminate the 3d touch.

Can you experience 3D Touch on iPhone 11?

However, you can change a few settings to get back the 3d touch feels. You can go to the settings and increase or decrease the sensitivity depending on what type of touch you desire. Or depending on your device there might be options like Haptic touch vs 3D touch only. You can choose the desired one and go on with using your favorite. So precisely it, means that the Haptic touch iPhone 11 can be turned into a 3d touch iPhone 11. Most would choose 3d touch too because a lot find it difficult to use the Haptic Touch.

3D Touch
3D Touch

How to Use Haptic Touch?

Do you know how to use Haptic Touch? Well, we are to the rescue. Haptic touch is multifunctional. With it you can long-press the app to go to further options, clear notification, preview message, and links switch keyboards and apps, animate live photos, and much more. Haptic touch has replaced 3d touch in Iphone13, Iphone11, Iphone11 pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. You no longer need to hard press or push harder to get actions done. You just press the app icon for 2 seconds ad they choose the action you want it to perform.

A few 3d touch functions still work on these like pressing the space bar slightly longer and being able to move it through the text but they’ve been reevaluated in iOS 13as Haptic touch instead. To delete or rearrange apps it’s quite similar but a little different from 3d touch. in 3d touch, you would press the desired app hard, and then the app icons will start to jiggle after 2 seconds, but with haptic touch, if you place your finger in the app for 2 seconds it will trigger the haptic actions but if you place the finger a second longer the apps will start to jiggle and then you can delete the apps.

You can scroll down the Notification Bar and place your finger on any of the notifications and after 2 seconds all notifications will be blurred out and you can click on the ‘clear all ‘option to clear all notifications. Other significant things are how haptic actions on the home screen animating live photos, and much more.

Haptic Touch on WhatsApp

The difference in touch display interferes with the apps and games such as WhatsApp and Pubg. WhatsApp introduced its haptic version to iPhone users. it added some new features such as

  • Haptic touch
  • Low data mode
  • Contact Integration
  • Chat fix

The Haptic touch on WhatsApp will support chat and media. When the user sends or receives a location on WhatsApp, the map will appear in a dark theme only if the user in the iPhone settings has put the phone in dark mode. Low Data Mode has already been existing on iOS 13. The main purpose of the feature is the use of fewer data and to provide the same services as the other compatible applications. The Facebook-owned messaging application introduces this low data mode which can enable the user and it really affects the amount of data used. After enabling the mode WhatsApp will automatically disable auto-download of photos, videos, media files, and GIFs through mobile data. It also stops auto-downloading of the voicemails using mobile data.

Then it’s Contact integration. When the user will something to share some select suggested WhatsApp contacts will pop up for direct sharing. And lastly, it’s the Chat fix. Some users complained about how WhatsApp showed incorrect chat badge after the messages reached 999. With this new update message that reached farther than 999 go with the chat badge 999+.

Haptic Touch on Pubg

Another application of the greatest interest in PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground). A lot of people who play Pubg with great interest and might see a future career insight had complained about how uneasy it is to play with a haptic touch on. Haptic touch on Pubg was never the greatest thing of all. Constant vibrations from a long press wouldn’t really give you the smoothest gameplay.

Some people simply suggested turning off the vibrations by going in the settings of the phone, click on Sound, and then Sound and Vibration. But still, a lot complained. Some even changed their phone brands from Apple to other brands which are amazing for gamers as they provide smooth gameplay and better graphics. Whereas the mediocre gamers stayed with the same phones and changed the vibration settings. It actually proved helpful to a lot of people. However, after all of the discussion people finally settled for the haptic touch because it was what the biggest brands we’re offering. On the other hand, however, people who still want the 3D touch can go with changing their phone settings and get their desired amount of sensitivity.

How to change 3D or Haptic Touch sensitivity on your iPhone?

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