Best Gaming Monitor Under $200 | Reviews 2022

As technology advances, you will find a dramatic rise in introducing the latest monitor designs by various brands. There was a time when a 15-inch monitor was the most common one to pick. But later on, it was replaced by a 24-inch display. And now, when the technology is improving at a vast level, you will find a high demand for a 27-inch monitor display. And it’s a fact that as much larger the display will be, the more it will be fun to play your favorite games on.

According to experts, big-size monitors are always the best option to pick for gaining higher resolutions and playing games. Not just the resolution, but it even grants a more ample screen space with some additional features to use at a vast level.

Choosing a versatile and excellent gaming monitor can be a considerable investment for some gaming lovers. But that’s not true at all! You might be full surprised to hear that you can get the best gaming monitor under $200 very quickly. But that requires a bit of research!

Therefore, we are presenting you here a quick list of the best gaming monitor under $200 reviews to pick the excellent one right now. Let’s have a look below:

List of Best Gaming Monitors under $200 Reviews

1. Acer Nitro VG240Y bmiix 23.8″ Full HD IPS Monitor

Classic monitors are becoming the primary necessity of an ultimate gaming experience inside the competitive gaming world. And for that sake, we have an outstanding recommendation for you to pick right now! Yes, we are talking about Acer’s VG240Y gaming monitor!

This monitor model is available with full HD resolution to have endless great gameplay. Through AMD Radeon Technology, you will have incredible edgy gameplay with a higher frame rate. In addition, the users will be able to enjoy a smooth viewing experience through the flicker-less, low dimming, and with ComfyView display.

The VG240Y 23.8″ monitor is available in the range of 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution within the 16:9 aspect ratio. This is how it presents a striking and high-quality display image with outstanding detailing. Due to the thicker frames around the conventional monitors, you can save enough screen space to add an edgy effect to the monitor display.

The Acer Game Mode is available in eight different pre-set display modes to optimize the visuals to experience various content. It is included with the action, user, movie, sport, racing, ECO, and graphic. You do have the choice to access the rule through the hotkey and with the On-Screen Display (OSD) settings menu.

Best Gaming Monitor Under $2001ms is the fastest response time for improving your gaming fun. This fastest response time will render the course of fast-moving action or even the dramatic transition to go along with the excellent smoothness.

To sum up, Acer VG240YP is yet the most viable choice for mixed-use. It’s a perfect choice for multimedia fun, face-paced gaming, content creation, or office use. It’s a versatile option with pleasing visuals.

  • • Frameless classic modern design
  • • Lower response time with a much higher refresh rate
  • • Great in display performance
  • • Bulky to easily pick
  • • Limited in its ergonomics

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2. ViewSonic VX2452MH 24 Inch 2ms 60Hz 1080p Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic’s VX2452mh is what we have on the 2nd spot of our list! This monitor is available with the full HD resolution having a glossy finishing display to get an excellent visual experience. This tremendous visual capacity makes this monitor best for multimedia and gaming purposes.

You will find this best monitor for games available with the VESA-Compatible Mount design to make it get fitted into any place. Make it mount at your favorite place with the help of a convenient 100 x 100mm VESA-compatible mount design.

The monitor model delivers smooth images through the fastest response time; the monitor model helps deliver smooth images without blurring, streaking, or ghosting.

Plus, it is available with the Game Mode, which provides high visibility and extra detailing for brightening all the dark scenes. Get ready to fully dominate the competition with the help of improved visibility for enjoying your all favorite video games. With just one single button press, you can have superior color performance. Another best thing about this great monitor is its HDMI power to deliver excellent audio clarity and an accurate digital picture. With the HDMI interface, you can somehow connect your monitor with a wide range of HD devices such as gaming consoles, as well as digital cameras, laptops, PCs, and much more.

Furthermore, the premium MEGA dynamic contrast ratio provides a better display between brightest and darkest colors. This will add your monitor to the immersive experience in terms of rich, vibrant, and accurate images.

Best Gaming Monitor Under $200 review

Available with dual integrated speakers, along with the screen clarity, you will have a superb sound performance too. You can often add an extra speaker set through the SPDIF audio-out port for massively expanding the sound to various locations in the room or the venue via cable.

Overall, ViewSonic VX2452MH monitor screen is a perfect choice for users for various purposes. Even if it has improved TN Panel, it is still available with excellent visual capabilities.

  • • Decent in connectivity options
  • • Excellent visuals for the TN panel
  • • Fluid in motion
  • • Great sound output
  • • Reasonable
  • • Average viewing angles

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3. LG 24MP59G-P 24-Inch Gaming Monitor

On the 3rd spot, we yet have the name LG 24MP59G-P! This monitor acts as the 24-inch IPS monitor available with the Full HD resolution. You will find a satisfactory PPI with a sharper and more detailed image display. The IPS Panel has 178° viewing angles for maintaining the brightness, color range, and contrast ratio.

Through dynamic action sync, gamers will play at high speed and optimal performance. It even minimizes input lag so the RTS games can be more responsive.

Black stabilizers ensure high visibility in darker scenes. In addition, it can help improve the appearance of dull or dark areas of a game. The game mode allows you to optimize and customize the overall gaming experience. Aside from the three gamer modes, the monitor features two First-Person-Shooter modes and a pre-set RTS mode.

The overall design is sleek and modern for accentuating the red color accents in this top monitor for under 200 dollars. It comes with a V-shaped stand that you can mount to it.

This model has HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, VGA, and headphones jacks. This monitor’s major disadvantage is the lack of VESA mounting capability, which may pose a problem to some users. It is worth noting that the IPS FreeSync is compatible to work with HDMI and DP with an IPS panel having a 40 to 75 Hz refresh rate, making it possible to use VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).

best monitor for games

To have a monitor with an incredible IPS panel and excellent connectivity, this is the top-recommended monitor for you. It is even included with the 99% sRGB color gamut and has an IPS 75 Hz refresh rate, which is impressive. You can also use the monitor as a professional designer or even a photo editor.


  • • Supports the best FreeSync to almost 75 Hz refresh rate
  • • Offers MBR
  • • Vivid and much extra precise colors
  • • Wide range of amazing color gamut
  • • Decent in the connectivity options
  • • Lacks the VESA mount
  • • Available with Tilt-only stand

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4. AOC C24G1 24″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC C24G1 is a superb curved monitor under $200 with a fantastic gaming experience and decent screen size. This budgeted monitor for games is available with a contrast ratio of

Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

3000:1, with which the images will yet display in a vivid and lifelong manner. The viewing angles measure 178°, but they are not that consistent with the high color display and contrast at various angles.

With the direct current backlighting, it will reduce fatigue and eye strain. Get ready to have the actual enjoyment to play your favorite games for even the longest hours. This model is available with a refresh rate of around 144Hz and a 1ms response rate. You will find diversified smoothness and incredible fluidity in your games.

AMD FreeSync hence synchronizes the display and GPU within your AMD PC. This is merely done to somehow entirely reduce the stutter, screen tearing, as well as input lag.

As we talk about connectivity, it misses out on nothing! It is available with two HDMI 1.4 ports, one VGA port, and one DisplayPort 1.2 port. Plus, you will even find access to the headphone jack. The HDMI and DP support the FreeSync and 144 Hz refresh rate.

To sum up, AOC C24G1 is an ergonomic choice where it is available with 130 mm height adjustments and swivel adjustments of up to -/+ 35°, -5° to 20° tilt in the viewing angles. It is even enabled with the VESA mount for a better gaming experience.

Get this outstanding monitor right now to have the best monitor with a decent resolution display and excellent TN performance. It works best for both worlds. You will be impressed with its connectivity options, curved modem design, and high ergonomic value.

  • • Reasonable
  • • Enhanced image and display clarity
  • • Great contrast ratio
  • • Sleek and modern design
  • • FreeSync support compatible with HDMI and DP
  • • Darker pixels might cause smearing

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5. Acer KG241Q Pbiip 23.6″ Full HD TN 144Hz 1ms Monitor

" Full HD TN 144Hz 1ms Monitor

Combining with the 144 Hz of refresh rate and is having a response time of 1 ms on the 24-inch screen size Full HD display with the 1920x1080p resolution, this amazing Acer KG241QP is available with great visuals and has a decent resolution. It is incredible in its robust performance to take away your heartbeats.

Plus, this monitor is available with viewing angles of 170° horizontally and 160° vertically viewing angles. Hence, you will find it fully compatible with the NVIDIA cards, and it even supports the AMD FreeSync to almost the range of 144 Hz refresh rate with the VRR range. This range falls between 48 to 144 Hz.

We call upon the best for gaming due to the advancement in VRB (Visual Response Boost) technology, custom crosshairs, Black Boost, and pre-calibrated pre-sets.

Another amazing thing about this great monitor is its display power which provides a longer lifespan and excellent clarity. This is all possible due to the 6-axis color adjustment with which the screen will display high accuracy and clarity. You can also prefer to use the monitor as a professional designer or even a photo editor.

Hence, the monitor has bezels that are a bit bulky, and the ergonomic nature of the stand is limited to tilting. Still, you can use the 100 x 100 mm VESA pattern to fully mount the screen over the third-party stand.

The monitor is available with two HDMI 2.0 ports and DisplayPort 1.2 connections when it comes to connectivity. Plus, it has both methods supporting FreeSync and the 144 Hz refresh rate at the Full HD resolution.

To have a technology-integrated monitor by your side, do not miss choosing Acer Nitro! This monitor has everything you are looking for to have a versatile gaming experience. It is budgeted and is excellent with its screen display power.

  • • Quick in response time and higher speed
  • • Available with the advanced features of MBR
  • • Supports the best FreeSync of 144 Hz refresh rate
  • • Easy to mount on the third-party stands
  • • Substandard quality of viewing angles
  • • Image quality is not best

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Select the best gaming monitor under $200 USD: Buying Guide Tips

To choose an excellent gaming monitor under $200, you need to be careful about considering a few of the factors in mind to have a perfect model of the monitor by your side. Let’s not waste time and move into the buying guide instructions for a better inquiry.

Display Size

Choosing the right display size should be your first consideration. It is always best to look for a monitor between the screen size of 20-49 inches. Our first approach would look for 27-inches of a display screen for gaming purposes.


Another important aspect is the resolution which is another major factor to consider. This resolution would be related to the total number of vertical and horizontal pixels on the screen. Inside the market, you will be finding numerous monitor models with higher solutions. The best monitor is the one with a resolution of 1080p. This is an excellent resolution for the 27-inches of the monitor.

Refresh Rates

Refresh rates should be the priority for gamers. A 27-inch monitor should have a refresh rate within 60Hz. This generally means that the screen will work at the refresh rate of 60 times in one second. But to buy a monitor for gaming purposes, try to look for the model with a refresh rate that is compatible with gaming fun.

Connectivity ports

In addition, you should be careful about the connectivity ports as well. Make sure that your monitor is capable enough to get connected with numerous ports at one time. This can be DVI, VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort. More means extra better in functioning. DisplayPort and HDMI are always considered best for gaming or editing purposes. A higher version is always better with better connectivity.


Your next concern should be the type of monitor you are looking for! It is always a better option to invest in the LED or LCD. OLED monitors are also available, but they are infrequent. The reason why the user loves LED and LCD is due to their slim nature. They are even energy-efficient.

Panel Series

The last important aspect is the panel, which is available in three types in any monitor model. They are Twisted Nematic (TN), as well as In-Panel Switching (IPS), and the Vertical Alignment (VA). All three of them have their weaknesses and strengths. TN Panels have a faster response with the lower input lag, but they fall behind in the viewing angles and color richness.

VA Panels will produce vibrant colors in the higher contrast, but they are famous for their ghosting effects. IPS panels offer better image work and have broader viewing angles. But they do lag behind in the response time. Hence VA panels are quite a lot available in the budget monitors. These TN panels are great for gamers, but we will suggest IPS panels for the content creators.

Related Questions- FAQs

Can you choose a 30-inch monitor for your gaming?

Any monitor with the ideal size is all based on the resolution and how much distance you are sitting away from the screen. For some gamers, choosing 24 inch screen is ideal because 27 inches of the screen display is small for them. The 32-inch display is a bit large for gaming.

Should you invest in a curved monitor for gaming?

According to a recent study, the curved monitor can reduce the eye strain which can decrease fatigue with time for a competitive session of gaming. A curved screen ensures that each of the pixels is angled straight towards you.

Is it possible to use PS4 on a gaming monitor?

You can by hooking it u with an HDMI cable in case your monitor is having an HDMI input port. This gives out a clear image but not sound because it is built into your monitors which can be heard by attaching it with speakers or sound system.


So these have been a few of the top unique and best models of gaming monitors under $200, which you can pick right now to have an everlasting gaming experience. Find the one that goes out in line with your gaming requirements and stands accordingly on your budget as well. Do take help from our buying guide which we mentioned above. Which one of the gaming monitors is your favorite one from the list?


Written by Jacob Glenn

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