What is the Best 27 Inch Monitor Under $150 in 2022?

Best 27 Inch Monitor

27-inch monitors are a popular choice for many people. 27 inches is the perfect size in that it’s big enough to see everything clearly, but not too big that you can’t fit it on your desk.

27 inch monitors are also great because they’re easier to carry around than larger screens if you need to take them with you somewhere. There are several 27-inch monitors under $150 on the market today and we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites!

Best 27 Inch Monitor Under $150 Buyers Guide

This article will help you find the best 27-inch monitor under $150. What should be considered when purchasing a new screen for your home or office? 

There are many factors that go into this decision – do YOU need IHD quality screens, what input lag time does it have (ideal if playing games), resolutions/g-rated content available in different modes, etc., but whatever choice is made remember one thing: always buy from people who care about their customers!

Best 27 inch monitor under $150 Reviews:

Acer R240HY Full HD IPS Monitor

Acer R240HY is one of the best 27-inch monitors under $150. It has an IPS panel display that offers great color accuracy and wide viewing angles, which makes it perfect for programming or watching movies with your family.

The Acer R240HY also comes equipped with several features that make this a good choice as a computer monitor.

This includes the Zero Frame design, VESA mount compatibility, and multiple connectivity options including HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. Overall, this is a great product worth considering if you are looking for something better than your current desktop monitor but do not want to spend too much money on it.


The Acer R240HY has 27 inches Full HD widescreen with a 1ms response time. The monitor has a ZeroFrame design to maximize viewing space and provide a more seamless display.

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HP VH240a IPS Monitor

HP VH240a IPS Monitor

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a decent monitor for under $150. I have been searching for the best 27-inch monitor that is not only affordable but also has some great features.

I’ve found this amazing HP VH240a IPS Monitor and it is perfect! The display has vibrant colors, clear text, and even some great gaming capabilities. Furthermore, its sleek design will look great in any room of your house or office space.

If you are looking for a new computer screen then definitely take a closer look at this one before making your decision because you won’t regret it!

Features :

The 27-inch display size of this IPS monitor provides a better viewing experience. This HP VH240a 27″ IPS monitor has excellent image quality and also offers a good amount of workspace.

You can enjoy the 27 inches widescreen with a resolution of 1920×1080 and 16:9 aspect ratio. The flat panel design ensures that no light shines out from the edges and there is no glare on your screen.

The 27-inch diagonal length allows you to view more information and also see work simultaneously.

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BenQ GW2480 IPS Monitor

The BenQ GW2480 is an IPS monitor with a 27-inch screen and many great features. This monitor has a variety of different settings for viewing comfort including Flicker-free, Low Blue light mode, Reading mode, and more. 

This monitor also comes with the Eye Protector feature which reduces eye fatigue by monitoring how long you’ve been using your computer and will automatically lower brightness to prevent eyestrain if necessary.

It is important to take care of your eyes while working on the computer! These features make this one of the best monitors under $150 out there!


This 27-inch monitor features a variety of functions that are intended for gamers. One of the main features of this device is the ability to display 2560×1440 resolution, which makes it perfect for gaming.

The monitor also has a 1ms response time and 144hz refresh rate, as well as 27 inches of screen size.

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Sceptre E249W-19203R Gaming Monitor

The Sceptre E249W-19203R is a fantastic 27-inch monitor with an extremely low price tag. For under $150 this gaming monitor offers so much value, you won’t find another one that even comes close to its performance.

The screen has an amazing 1920 x 1080 resolution which makes everything on the screen look sharp and crisp.

Whether you are playing games or watching movies, this monitor will do the job for you! It also has built-in speakers that give off great sound quality as well as VGA, DVI & HDMI inputs – making this a very versatile choice for any kind of use! I highly recommend checking out my blog post about it if you’re looking for more information before deciding whether or not to make it.

Features :

Sceptre 27-inch Gaming Monitor E249W-19203R is a curved LED monitor with a 27-inch full HD display, 1920×1080 resolution, frameless style, 27 inch Screen size. Built-in speakers.

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ASUS VA27EHE 27” Eye Care Monitor

The ASUS VA27EHE 27” Eye Care Monitor has a great feature where you can turn the blue light off on it.

This means that during nighttime, when most people are sleeping and their eyes need to rest, they can still work or play on their computers without having to worry about straining their eyes.

Blue light is emitted from computer screens and some other electronic devices which makes it hard for your eyes to relax while using them at night. So this monitor is perfect because it gives users the opportunity to protect themselves from potential eye strain problems!


It has a 27-inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution.

It has an HDMI port and dual-link DVI-D output.

There are two built-in speakers.

Sceptre E248W-FPT Monitor

The Sceptre E248W-FPT monitor is the best 27-inch monitor under $150. It has an impressive 1920x1080p resolution that delivers super-crisp images, and it’s built with energy-saving LED technology to help save you money.

This awesome display also features a 1ms response time which reduces ghosting and blurring in fast-moving video games for an even more immersive experience.

The adjustable stand allows you to tilt the screen so you can find your perfect viewing angle, while VGA, DVI, and HDMI connectivity options allow you to connect all of your devices to this great display. With its low price point, the Sceptre E248W-PFV makes a great purchase!

Features :

27 inch LCD panel 

The joystick control provides easy navigation through menu options

16:9 aspect ratio, 10M:1 contrast ratio, 200 cd/m2 brightness, 5ms response time

Built-in speakers for multimedia enjoyment

Configure the monitor with your system to avoid possible compatibility issues. For example, if you are using a Windows operating system with your Sceptre monitor, it is recommended to choose the 16-bit color setting. 

SAMSUNG LC24F390FHNXZA Curved LED Gaming Monitor

The Samsung LC24F390FHNXZA is a $150 curved LED gaming monitor. It has a glossy black exterior and an eye-catching design with its curve.

The display on this monitor is 1920x1080p, making it perfect for gamers who want the best picture quality while playing their favorite games or watching movies on Netflix.

This monitor also features AMD FreeSync Technology which eliminates screen stuttering and tearing that can occur when the frame rate of your game’s graphics card differs from what your monitor can display.

If you are looking for a high-end gaming experience without spending too much money, then this might be the right choice for you!

Features :

The Samsung LC24F390FHNXZA Curved LED Gaming Monitor is a 24-inch 1920×1080 TN display that offers a 1800R curvature.

It has a refresh rate of 60Hz, a response time of 1ms, and a brightness level of 250cd/m². It has a 3D capability with NVIDIA 3DTV Play software for its 3000:1 contrast ratio.

It also has display modes with eye-saver mode, picture mode, game mode, and dynamic picture mode for the viewing pleasure of the user.

AOC 24B2XH Full HD IPS Monitor

The AOC 24B2XH Full HD IPS Monitor is the best 27-inch monitor under 150. It’s a great entry-level display for gamers and media enthusiasts alike, with features like AMD FreeSync technology, two HDMI ports, and an ergonomic stand that supports height adjustment, tilt (5° forward or 22° backward), pivot (90° clockwise or counterclockwise), swivel (30° both directions) and built-in cable management.


The AOC 24B2XH monitor has a large screen size of 23.8 inches and a resolution of 1920×1080.

The monitor can display video, with a response time of 5 milliseconds, with the presence of a traditional 16:9 aspect ratio. The monitor also has an LED backlight that consumes 55 watts of power for better performance.

Philips 246E9QDSB Frameless Monitor

If you are looking for the best 27-inch monitor under 150, then look no further than the Philips 246E9QDSB Frameless Monitor.

This beautiful monitor is equipped with an IPS panel that offers stunning details and vibrant colors.

The frameless design of this monitor allows it to be placed in tight spaces, while still offering a full HD resolution at 1920 x 1080 pixels. With HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA connectivity options, there is nothing stopping you from connecting your PC or laptop to this fantastic product! Whether you want to enjoy movies on Netflix or play games online with friends; the Philips 246E9QDSB Frameless Monitor will deliver on all levels!

Features :

The Philips 246E9QDSB Frameless Monitor is a 23.8 inch 1920×1080 resolution display that provides a 5 millisecond response time. It also has an LED backlight that consumes 55 watts of power for better performance with its 16:9 aspect ratio, with the presence of IPS panel technology.

Sceptre ‎E205W-16003R Monitor 

If you’re looking for a monitor that has a fantastic image quality, is 27 inches, and is under $150 then the Sceptre E205W-16003R Monitor should be your choice.

It offers great value for money as it comes with all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank. One of its best features would have to be its thin frame which makes it look sleek and stylish on any desk.

The monitor also comes with VGA, DVI-D, HDMI ports so you can connect your laptop or another device easily. You won’t regret getting this monitor!

Features :

The Sceptre E205W-16003R monitor features a 21.5″ widescreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 16:9 HD (720p) resolution.

The monitor has an ultra-fast 5 ms response time and provides a 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for superior sharpness and detail. This monitor is designed for entertainment use with the convenient HDMI input and built-in speakers.

This monitor also offers eco-conscious features such as power-saving mode and low power consumption of fewer than 35 watts in active mode and less than 1 watt in standby mode.

HP Pavilion 22cwa 

HP Pavilion 22cwa

The HP Pavilion 22cwa is the best 27-inch monitor under 150. It has an IPS panel that provides you with excellent color reproduction and wide viewing angles.

The HD resolution gives you crystal clear images that are not distorted even when viewed from the side. The display also features a sleek design, slim bezels, and low power consumption making it one of the best monitors for gaming under 150 dollars!

Features :

The HP Pavilion 22cwa is one of the newest monitors in the market, but this one has a couple of features that not many people are aware of. It has a 23.8-inch FHD IPS display with an anti-glare matte surface that provides for sharper and more detailed graphics.

A lot of people today do not even know that this monitor has a height-adjustable stand that can go up to 180 degrees without having to be detached.

The HP Pavilion 22cwa also has two built-in speakers which provide for audio quality audio playback without the need for headphones or speakers.

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MSI Optix G24C4 Curved Gaming Monitor

The MSI Optix G24C4 is a great monitor for gamers and professionals alike. Its curved design makes it the perfect choice for immersive gameplay and an excellent addition to any workstation.

The 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time make it one of the fastest monitors on the market. Plus, with built-in speakers, you don’t have to worry about having multiple devices cluttering up your desk space!

Features :

This particular monitor is designed for gamers, with features of a curved screen and fast refresh rates of 144 Hz. This means that the reaction time is enhanced, which results in more success during gaming.

When playing games like FPS titles on the MSI Optix G24C4, players experience less motion blur and see objects more clearly. The more vivid images make it easier to locate opponents during intense firefights.

AOC 27B2H 27″ Full HD IPS Monitor

The AOC 27B2H is a great monitor for gamers who are on a budget. It has an IPS panel that provides clear images with vibrant colors.

The monitor also offers multiple inputs, comes with speakers, and has built-in USB ports. Although the screen size is only 27 inches, it makes up for that by having 1080p resolution which is perfect for gaming or watching movies in high definition.

Features :

The AOC 27B2H 27″ Full HD IPS Monitor has a 178° wide viewing angle for an immersive view. With the Full HD screen, you can enjoy content with vivid details.

The monitor is LED-backlit which gives you powerful colors and images with reduced environmental light pollution. It also has Wide Quad High-Definition technology which makes all of the content on your screen razor sharp.

Philips 276E9QDSB 27″ Frameless Monitor

After reviewing hundreds of monitors, I found this one to be the best 27″ monitor under 150. The Philips 276E9QDSB has a 2ms response time and full HD 1080p resolution with HDMI.

It also features DVI-D, VGA inputs for connectivity. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality 27-inch monitor that will last you through years of use!

Features :

The Philips 276E9QDSB 27″ monitor is a three-sided frameless edge-to-edge WLED display. The monitor size is approximately 27 inches and offers a resolution of 1920x1080p.

Positioned in the center of the bottom two-thirds of the screen, you’ll find a slim bezel that provides for a seamless viewing experience.

AOC I1601FWUX Monitor 

The AOC I1601FWUX is a 27-inch monitor that provides you with an excellent viewing experience. This product has 1920 x 1080 resolution, which allows for clear and crisp images on the screen.

You can connect your laptop, tablet or desktop computer to this monitor so you don’t have to buy another TV. The LED backlight of this model makes it energy efficient and reduces power consumption by 50%.

It also comes with a DVI-D port as well as HDMI ports so you can hook up multiple devices at once without having to unplug one device before using another (this will save time). The height-adjustable stand allows for easy use while the matte finish prevents glare from lights in your room.

Features :

The AOC MB24UW-BK monitor features a slim design of 23 cm width and black bezels which make it look elegant and stylish for entertainment purposes.

It has a glossy panel that offers sharper and brighter images while providing a wide-angle view of 178 degrees. It has an anti-glare that helps in preventing the screen from any fingerprints.

Conclusion :

The Acer R240HY is a fantastic choice for those who are looking to purchase an affordable 27-inch monitor. It has great features and the colors on this model look good as well.

You can also find monitors that offer more than one input, like HDMI and VGA inputs, which allow you to connect multiple devices at once without having to swap cables out all of the time.

If you’re still not sure what type of monitor would be best suited for your needs, reach out! Our team will help guide you through choosing the right screen size with many feature options available in our store today.

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